Mistranslation Analysis by English as Foreign Language (EFL) Students In Reading Comprehension

  • Putri Ramadhani Universitas Budi Darma, Medan
Keywords: Mistranslation, EFL Students, Reading Comprehension


This study concerned to investigate the difficulties faced by EFL (English as Foreign Language) students in the second semester of Budi Darma University in Medan, North Sumatera-Indonesia. These EFL students faced mistranslation to comprehend article related to the medical text during COVID-19 Pandemic in Indonesia. This study focused on fifty students of the second semester in Budi Darma University Medan majored in Computer Engineering. The data was collected in May 2020. The data collection was conducted by assesing the samples of fifty students’ reading comprehension exercises. The data was analyzed by using quantitative analysis to get the percentage of mistranlation commonly faced by the students to comprehend medical article related to the issues of COVID-19 pandemic. The results indicated that the students experienced most difficulties in translating vocabulary and medical terms which are not familiar to English as Foreign Language (EFL) students. Some suggestions are proposed to enhance EFL students’s ability in translation skill that will support reading comprehension goals


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