Perbandingan Algoritma Elias Delta Code dengan Levenstein Untuk Kompresi File Teks

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Keywords: Text File, Compression, Elias Delta Code Algorithm, Levenstein Algorithm


A text file is a collection of characters or strings that become a single unit. Text that contains many characters in it always causes problems in the storage media and the speed of time when transmitting data. Text file is a file that contains information in the form of text. Data derived from word processing documents, numbers used in calculations, names and addresses in the database are examples of text data input consisting of characters, numbers and punctuation marks. Seeing the need for data compression it is necessary to compress or compress data that can reduce data, thus gaining the advantage of reducing the use of external storage media space, accelerating the process of transferring data between storage media, compressing data with a higher ratio than the original data. The compression process is done by comparing several algorithms to overcome problems in storage media, where the method for compression using the Elias Delta Code Algorithm and the Levenstein Algorithm.


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