Focus and Scope

Journal of Computer System and Informatics (JoSYC) covers the whole spectrum of Artificial Inteligent, Computer System, Informatics Technique which includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Soft Computing, 
  2. Distributed Intelligent Systems, 
  3. Database Management and Information Retrieval,
  4. Evolutionary computation and DNA/cellular/molecular computing, 
  5. Fault detection,
  6. Green and Renewable Energy Systems, 
  7. Human Interface,
  8. Human-Computer Interaction,
  9. Human Information Processing Hybrid and Distributed Algorithms, 
  10. High Performance Computing,
  11. Information storage,
  12. Security, integrity, privacy and trust, 
  13. Image and Speech Signal Processing,
  14. Knowledge Based Systems,
  15. Knowledge Networks, 
  16. Multimedia and Applications, 
  17. Networked Control Systems,
  18. Natural Language Processing Pattern Classification, 
  19. Speech recognition and synthesis, 
  20. Robotic Intelligence,
  21. Robustness Analysis,
  22. Social Intelligence, 
  23. Ubiquitous,
  24. Grid and high performance computing, 
  25. Virtual Reality in Engineering Applications
  26. Web and mobile Intelligence, 
  27. Big Data