The Teaching Procedures for Online Public Speaking Class

  • Putri Ramadhani * Mail Universitas Budi Darma, Medan, Indonesia
  • (*) Corresponding Author
Keywords: Teaching Procedures; Public Speaking; Online Learning


This Research aimed to discuss the teaching procedures for online public speaking class during Covid-19 Pandemic situation. Teaching and learning methods during COVID-19 pandemic have forced the teachers and students to adopt new learning method called online learning. Currently learning from home is very popular as the best strategy to decrease the number of humans contact or distancing from social activities. Basically, public speaking or oratory is one of communication skills performed by the speakers in front of audiences, however this pandemic has shifted the basic meaning of public speaking. Due to the social distancing, public speakers tend to speak in front of the camera which literally do not involve the teacher and the audiences in the process of public speaking practice. The trend of public speaking practices have improved numerously during this COVID-19 Pandemic era, the teaching procedures occur some differences from usual public speaking taught by the teachers in real classroom. The sample of participants of this research are 30 EFL students in Budi Darma University Medan who registered in the first semester.                               


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