The Communicative Approach In Teaching English Speaking Club (ESC)

  • Akmal Akmal STMIK Royal Kisaran
  • Cecep Maulana STMIK Royal Kisaran
Keywords: Communicative, Approach, Speaking Skill, English Sepaking Club, Teaching


The aim of this study was: to described and analyze the effect communicative approach in teaching English speaking club (ESC) based on the application of the communicative on order to teach them in master English speaking. The population is 1st semester STMIK Royal Kisaran and the sample is about 20 students. The data analysis technique was quantitative data. The qualitative data will be collected by students speaking performance. The data will be interpreted in term of instuctional events, and instructional modes and modes of acquisition strategies. Classroom mode of acquisition strategies depend on the extended to which the classroom lecturer was teaching. We took the pre -test and post-test. They got 5,65 for Students’ scores pre – test . and   7,95 for Students’ scores post – test. The diffrences of pre – test and post – test in the control group, there were 16 students (80 %) whose scores stayed the same, and 4 students (20%) whose score stayed not same. They gained 1 point difference from the others



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