Learning E-Commerce by Online Booking and Having a Ticket Issued Through English Material

  • Kurnia Ulfa * Mail STMIK Budi Darma, Indonesia
  • (*) Corresponding Author
Keywords: E-Learning; Blended Learning; Learning Strategies; Computer and Technology


The exchange of information with the internet also enables economic transactions such as buying and selling, and internet banking. Globalization is also driven by international trade. With export and import activities, products, culture and thoughts are brought from one country to another. This exchange has led to globalization in the world. This globalization influenced of e-commerce by using technology information which has positive effort now such as in the field of aviation service. Now internet online is needed to book from airlines website, and the customer do not need to waste their time to go to travel agent, they can do it by using their laptop or mobile phone. This study is one of new method from English lecturer to create the material and sharing knowledge which can be taught to the students in the class. This material is good to the students if they can be practiced online about booking online from the website. From this website they can learning by doing and get the experience directly. It can be shown from the result of online practice students in the class by rank of the researcher. This is best method to stimulate the students to increase their knowledge in technology and English class. Based on this method the lecturer has found that the students very attractive to study English more and more, and this method accepted by the students to increase their knowledge about booking online directly. From this learning automatically the lecturer share the knowledge to the students to create their own business by this learning ability of booking online


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Submitted: 2020-11-20 Published: 2020-11-30