Author Fees

Journal of Business and Economics Research (JBE) journal, charges the following author fees.
Article Submission: 0,- (IDR)
Fast-Track Review: 800.000,- (IDR)
Article Publication: 400.000,- (IDR)

Penalty Fee
The penalty fee will be charged Rp. 1.000.000 (IDR) to authors who decide to retract or withdraw articles after articles are published. This is because the authors do not respect the whole process that has been done.

Peer Review Process
After submitting inventions have made a preliminary review of the manuscript by the editor journal. The editor will decide whether the manuscript is in accordance with the scope and focus and proper to give to the reviewer. Sometimes, editors may recommend revision before submitting for review. This initial review of activities usually takes 2 (two) weeks.

Submissions that pass the initial review will be assigned to at least two Reviewers (double-blind peer review). Based on the review editor will first make editorial decisions.

There are five possible editorial decisions (1) the manuscript is accepted, (2) be amended, (3) re-submit, (4) be sent to another publisher, or (5) be rejected.

Typically, the time frame of delivery to the first editor of the average results of 2-7 weeks.

The time to reach a final decision depends on the number of reviews rotated, the perceptive writer, etc. Typically, the delivery time frame is an average of 1.5 months for a final decision.