Perbandingan Metode Bayes Dan Certenty Factor Pada Sistem Pakar Mendiagnosa Penyakit Varisela Pada Anak-Anak

  • Arfandi Jh Firdaus Purba * Mail STMIK Budi Darma, Indonesia
  • (*) Corresponding Author
Keywords: Expert System; Varicella Disease; Bayes; Certainty Factor


Health is a valuable thing for humans, because anyone can experience health problems. Society is a layman who does not understand health problems. If there is a health disturbance to them then they are more entrusted to the expert or expert doctor. In this case, the community as service users more need an expert who can make it easier to diagnose the disease early in order to be able to take precautions early which would require time if consulting with a specialist. Because of this, we need a tool that can diagnose diseases in the form of an expert system. Bayes method is a method used to calculate the uncertainty of data into definite data by comparing yes and no. Certainty factor is a method to prove whether a fact is certain or uncertain in the metric form that is usually used in expert systems. Expert system is a system that is able to mimic the reasoning of an expert so that computers can solve problems as is usually done by experts. Knowledge stored in expert systems is generally taken from a human expert in the matter. The important role of an expert can be replaced by a computer program which in principle works to provide a definite solution as is usually done by an expert. For this reason, a system was built by designing an expert system to diagnose varicella disease in children by applying the Certainty Factor and Bayes Method in visual studio 2008 which is used for consultation, analysis, diagnosis and to help make decisions.

Keywords: Expert System, Varicella Disease, Bayes, Certainty factor


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