Implementasi Algoritma K-Medoids Dalam Mengklasifikasi Barang Layak Lelang

  • Muhammad Surya Zeilani * Mail Universitas Budi Darma, Medan, Indonesia
  • (*) Corresponding Author
Keywords: Goods; Inventory; Data Minig; K-Medoids; Clustring; Feasibility


Inventory Goods are items that are owned by a company that are recorded in the inventory book / assets of a company which have a period of use and must be replaced after passing the time specified by a company that is charged in the company's budget, while the auction is a process of buying and selling goods / services by offering to bidders, the auction participants who will give the highest price will win or get the items to be auctioned, data mining is closely related to data, information and knowledge. The data mining process begins by extracting data which then produces information, the K-Medoids Algorithm is a clustering method that functions to break down the dataset into groups, which will become 2 clustering, namely the items to be auctioned (C1) and the items to be discarded or discarded. destroyed because it is not suitable for auction, namely (C2). It is hoped that the system to be built is in accordance with the expectations of researchers, so that it can help make it easier for the auction committee to classify the items to be auctioned.


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