BEES: Bulletin of Electrical and Electronics Engineering ISSN 2722-6522 (media online), is open to submission from scholars and experts. BEES: Bulletin of Electrical and Electronics Engineering focused on the energy system and power engineering, which is related to advance and develop technology on a wide-scope of all partial themes, but not limited, such as Control System, Artificial Intelligence, Informatics Engineering, Electronics, Advanced energy material, Automatic power control, Battery technology, Distributed generation, Distribution system, Electric power generation, Electric vehicle, Electrical machine, Energy optimization, Energy conversion, Energy efficiency, Energy exploitation, Energy exploration, Energy management, Energy mitigation, Energy storage, Energy system, Fault diagnostics, Green energy, Green technology, High voltage, Insulation technology, Intelligent power optimization, Monitoring operation, Motor drives, Natural energy source, Power control, Power data transaction, Power economic, Power electronics, Power engineering, Power generation, Power optimization, Power quality, Power system analysis, Power system information, Power system optimization, Protection system, Renewable energy, SCADA, Security operation, Smart grid, Stability system, Storage system, Transmission system, and etc.  

BEES: Bulletin of Electrical and Electronics Engineering is issued 3 (three) times a year in:

  • July (issue 1),
  • November (issue 2), and
  • March (issue 3)

Current Issue

Vol 2 No 3 (2022): Maret 2022
Published: 2022-03-31


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