Modifikasi Metode Certainty factor Pada Diagnosa Penyakit Apendistis

  • Terry Norres Zega * Mail Universitas Budi Darma, Medan, Indonesia
  • (*) Corresponding Author
Keywords: Expert System; Certainty Factor Algorithm; Appendicitis Disease


Developments in computer technology today are increasingly topping the level of human civilization. One generation called “Millennials” grew up in a culture so close to this technology. In fact, almost all aspects of life such as education, entertainment, health, and so on have resulted in increasing interest in artificial intelligence programs. In artificial intelligence, expert systems are one of the areas that excel in its application. An expert system is a branch of artificial intelligence that facilitates the knowledge of an expert into an application that can be used to help the work of experts. The knowledge base is formed with an inference engine that translates the knowledge of an expert. The results or outputs of the expert system cannot guarantee certainty. Therefore, it takes several methods that can be used to solve it. In this study, the expert system is applied to the medical world or medicine. The following is medically related to appendicitis or better known as appendicitis. We often take it for granted that disease in this one organ of the body even though the appendix functions as an immunologic organ and plays an active role in an immune system. The method used to improve the accuracy of the decision is the certainty factor algorithm. The certainty factor algorithm is to solve the problem of data uncertainty. The result of this study is an expert inference engineering with the aim of obtaining clinical decisions about appendicitis in users as medical treatment as early as possible.

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Submitted: 2021-11-13
Published: 2021-11-30
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